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Personally, I'm into a lot of things as well, but I find it meaningful to merge all my interests together.

For example if I'm a poet and a web developer at the same time I could make a blog for poetry

If I am into music and curation I could make a music app/website with all the things I think would be cool features

If I'm into social enterprise, photography, videography, arts and humanity (I love this one), I could make an crowd-funding platform, use photography and videography to get visuals for a campaign and find a way to make a use friendly payment platform.

The best thing about this is you get to hone all your skills and interests almost once at the same time. It makes you live a truly meaningful life. And you'll always have something to do, all geared towards the totality of your being. 🙏😅


Agreed, merging your interests makes everything a lot easier :)

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