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Discussion on: PostgreSQL vs MongoDB

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Casey Brooks • Edited

100% this.

So many devs (including myself) got burned when MongoDB came out because it was touted as a silver-bullet data store, when in reality it was created for an entirely different problem than what most projects needed. By the time devs realized MongoDB was causing pain like major performance bottlenecks and difficulties accessing the data they needed, they were already in too deep to fix the issue.

Real-world data is relational, pretty much always. While it's pretty common for single records to have hierarchical data (which is what makes non-relational DBs sound appealing), it's very uncommon for entire datasets to be limited to a bunch of singular records of purely hierarchical data. You will end up making multiple collections and trying to reference them just like relational models, except that you'll have zero help from the database in querying them efficiently.

I'm a strong advocate that you should never start your project with a non-relational data store. It's much easier to add one later on (which will probably never happen) than it is to move from non-relational to relational.

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