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Discussion on: Why you should Stop using CSS Frameworks

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Manav Misra

Right tools, right job. If focus is on building JS apps (or whatever similar) and/or writing CSS feels boring and/or prevents me from being productive b/c I just don't want to do it (talking about a friend here - not me 😉), then using some type of 'CSS enhancement' is a good thing.
It doesn't have to be a full blown 'Bootstrap' 🤮 - but something (e.g. Tailwinds) that allows me to apply CSS knowledge without reinventing the wheel 🎡 every time and allows me a sufficient amount of customization (I like Bulma too), then sign me up! I will have a working, presentable app and focus on the parts that are most stimulating 🧠 for me, personally. Maybe it's fine for it to be 'cookie 🍪 cutter' and/or look 'basic.' 🤷🏽‍♂️
If, on the other hand, I am doing agency work for big dollar 🤑 clients, then they deserve a truly branded and custom-crafted experience, so I would strongly reconsider using "other people's CSS" (you down with OPCSS? 😼)
Whatever suits one's interest, especially for a hobby project, do it! 👍🏽