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I'm building comedy website for my friend, where he can publish articles similar to these 2 sites…All I know is HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript. Am I to novice for this project? Im building this site so I can fill out my portfolio..What is the best approach to completing a website like this for a noob like me? Should I use wordpress or bootstrap if I am trying to build a front end portfolio?


It seems like quite a lot of work even for a seasoned developer. I would recommend starting with a CMS as your base. Pick something that you are familiar with and that will let you easily add customizations.

If you can get by with a static site, you could look into static site generators too.

Using a site like wordpress would get the job done but would it be anything worth showing on my portfolio? Should I try to modify in a small way or creating my own layout without using their premade layouts?

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