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I started using Fiddler a few years back, and a debugging proxy of some kind has been in my toolkit ever since. (On macOS I use Charles.) Of all the tools I've picked up over the years, Fiddler & Charles have generated by far the most "Woah! How did you do that?" reactions.

Fiddler is one of those tools that once you use it for a while, and see what it can do, you'll never want to be without it.


Definitely agree - I was extremely intimidated to get started with it, but now that I feel comfortable enough to get started, I have been able to do so much with it! I didn't include it in the article, but once I needed to replicate the API calls of an app that was no longer supported. The team didn't know any of the calls and had no documentation. So, I used Fiddler to sniff the traffic, find the calls, parameters being passed, and essentially reversed engineered the documentation. :)
I haven't tried Charles yet, but I've also heard good things.


Yep, that's pretty much the killer scenario for Fiddler. And I think if you wrote up that experience it would make a great article here. Kind of a "Level 2" after folks have had a chance to play around a bit and get used to Fiddler.

I just wish it was a little easier to get started. I've had several colleagues get excited when they see what it can do, but then give up when they see how fiddly the initial setup can be. I hope your article gets more people interested in getting past that first step!

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