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Not that I didn't enjoy this read -- I totally did. I just wanted to point a few things out because we tend to rename things in our industry and then say it's something radical and new -- especially if it's the exact same pattern as something else, but just applied to a different scale. And, we do this a LOT. So, here's what you described with "The Strangler Pattern:

The Strangler Pattern is a Refactor Pattern known as Branch By Abstraction (BBA, Martin Fowler et al). We use an API Gateway -- which is, more or less, The Mediator Pattern (GoF) applied to a higher scale across an HTTP Web API -- to facilitate stability across time and implementation-space. One can think of the "Bouncer" or "Facade" (Gateway) as the Director from The Mediator Pattern, because, a Director inherently implements The Facade Pattern. That is, it unionizes multiple interfaces (Facade) while also implementing triggers & routing across those submodules which it encapsulates.

So in a nutshell, the TL;DR of it is: when migrating an app, use a Gateway for your BBA pivot.

Having said all that, I know we're still going to pretend that this is some new, radical, hip, unheard of pattern... Ya know, because, "components" are not modules, and "thinking in components" is not SOLID. That is, we'll just relabel it and pretend we're inventors.

Anyway, I still like the article.

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