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Thank you.

About coffee, just avoiding it close to bedtime is enough ( I believe it lasts 8 hours in your system or something like that ). I'm personally not going to give my daily cups of coffee :D I'm just making sure to not drink any after 4PM ;)

And I agree about the balance. I can understand that sleep is sacrificed at some point. We all have busy lives, with a lot of people counting on us. Cutting down on sleep is the easiest thing to do. I have been doing it, and will most likely do it again at some point in the future unfortunately. As long as it's a short-term thing.

What really pisses me off though is people preaching that you NEED a 4-5 hours sleep per night if you want to make it. That kind of war on sleep makes me sick.


heh, about coffee (further).... it's something people add to their systems. Everything we add into our bodies is part of the overall "chemical game" that we play overall -sugar, meat, etc. And this all affects everything we do -not just sleep.

I joked around with my comment relative to science but the one thing that is consistently reported for health/mental-health is the need for sleep and a sleep regiment. I'm terrible at this also; regardless of my daily routine.

Likewise, but maybe that's just bravado(?). I feel that I work best working 10 hour stints over a 30 hour period and sleeping 12 hours after that (with cat naps in between). Obviously I can't sustain that and also do a 9-5. And in that respect I think the make it perspective comes from the context of 'how to make it to daily corporate meetings and such (broadly speaking). That need aspect is foreign to me (with my 'i'll sleep when i'm dead' attitude). But maybe we're the fools(?).

Another thing:
I've experienced a fair amount of PTSD things that cause sleep issues. [I'm using myself as an example here]. I think make it is relative to what your mind has tolerance for in terms of downtime. In my situation, I think(?) my mind/muscle-memory/etc. only allows for 4-5 hours of sleep at a time; which makes things tricky for jobs and stuff.

Like I said: I like your article. It's a subject that is dear to me and I think it's really an important topic -and often a neglected subject matter.

Lastly, I apologize for not adding sources for my comments. I can do so if pressed.


That need aspect is foreign to me (with my 'i'll sleep when i'm dead' attitude). But maybe we're the fools(?).

I sure hope not :D

I completely understand, and agree, that every one is going to have different circumstances and preferences on how they approach their relationship to sleep. The 8 hours sleep might be a luxury that only some can have. I don't have kids yet, so maybe I will change my speech later :D

As for the sources, if you feel like they could contribute to the article, I would be more than happy to add them in the sources for this article. Having another point of view and a different pair of eyes on the subject can't hurt.

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