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Software / Systems Engineer and Administrator. Lover of systems. Proponent of automation. Advocate of individuality and the perspective of context.

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A message from the FUTURE: 2016

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Randomize your XFCE / LightDM Login Screen Wallpaper

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I cut my hair for an interview -oh! No!

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2 min read

Be a Python Jinja Master: Automated Front Matter Editing

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Private Network + Traefik + Keycloak + Gatekeeper Overview (diagram)

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Keycloak v5 + Gatekeeper v5: Flowcharts - Easily Create and Restrict an Isolated (IODC) Client Service by Group-Role

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The Keycloak (v.5.0.0) UI mind map you didn't ask for

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Navigate your vscode like it's 1999 (the vim way)

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Compile and install vim 8.1 from source (debian / MX Linux) with pyenv

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Resolve docker hostnames from host with DNS Proxy Server

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Dnsmasq + NetworkManager + Private Network Setup

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