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Discussion on: Six Principles Your Resume Should Follow - So Recruiters Will Read It

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Daniel Sobrado

As a Hiring Manager and Hands on Engineer I look into the details of personal websites and github repositories of the candidate, and I often include question in their interviews of their own published work, I find it very useful.

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Gergely Orosz Author

It comes to show how hiring managers and recruiters have very different approaches, especially based on the company size.

If I started a a startup, I’d do exactly the same. If I got 10 applications for a posting, I’d still do the same.

At a large company, where there are many inbound applications and/or there is a conscious effort to not have bias that impacts people with no personal projects negatively (eg they don’t have additional time to do these or cannot publish them), hiring managers/recruiters might just skip what another person would look at.

You can only have an upside with your side projects: you learn for sure, you practice, and some hiring managers will pay additional attention. You’ll just (unfortunately) never know which ones!