#discussWhat part(s) of the tech interview process would you be interested in knowing more of?

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#amaAsk the engineering manager: career development paths in tech companies from junior, through senior, to staff

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The Biggest Change in the Software Development Industry the Past 10 Years

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Readable Code

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Don't Work Alone

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On Getting Promoted as a Developer

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Software Architecture: Clear and Simple Design is Underrated

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Growing the product-minded software engineering muscle

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Hacks to Grow as a Developer: Grab Coffee with an Experienced Engineer You Don’t Know

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#amaI've worked at fast-growing startups and Silicon Valley tech companies for the past seven years. AMA.

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#discussHealthy teams, unhealthy teams: in your experience, what makes them so?

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Developers mentoring other developers: practices I've seen work well

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Growing as a Developer - Advice from Dan Heller

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9 Tips to Ace Your Takehome Project for Frontend, Fullstack and Mobile Interviews

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Undervalued Skills for Developers: Writing Well

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