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Discussion on: First 90 days as a new CTO

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"Week 1 - Establish my place in the company" -> this is one of the biggest parts that I see impacting other CTOs I socialise with - they are solid on tech, solid on building a team, solid on product... what they don't foresee about being a CTO is that they now have to work in the context of the company leadership - depending on the size of the organisation, this could become political.

I often read CTOs where the other execs just don't understand tech etc - don't understand tech debt, don't understand XYZ - it's your responsibility to explain it to them and put your arguments across as to why it matters.

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I think that's the sentence I struggled with the most - it was never meant to be "Make an impact, make my mark" it's really intended as "learn what my place is" or perhaps; start to create my butt groove in the sofa..
You're so right about that second part "I don't understand this tech thing, that's your job" - after 2 years as CTO at Wealth Wizards, I'm still trying to explain exactly these things..