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re: AWS ALB should support redirections from HTTP to HTTPS, according to this blog post: aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new...

Yes, I've seen that the Elastic Load Balancer should be able to handle this. What I believe is the issue is that the configuration options in Elastic Beanstalk is not giving you the full interface that is available for the Load Balancer. So if you would go through EC2 > Load Balancer and manually configure it there, it would probably (I am not 100% on this) reset it in future deploys.

This is I believe one of the trade offs that you get when using the "easy" option of Elastic Beanstalk.

Once again, I can not guarantee this, but in my experience, anything that you configure outside of the EB interface, will get reset sooner or later. Unlike the configurations you apply through .ebextensions that will always be reapplied on deployments.


That issue could be reported to AWS support. As you said, redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS has become an ordinary requirement.

Also, this kind of limitation is a signal that you should move to CloudFormation or Terraform to deploy your stack.

True, reporting it is a good idea. I have recently seen that several people at AWSCloud are reaching out to request feedback on missing features for their respective products, so might be a good time.

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