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Netlify and Google Domains

Looking into that myself, currently! Domains, email, storage,...

The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

Thanks for another great summary, Jess! If you haven't heard ...

How I'm using Vue Slots on my site

What's implied here is that I REALLY need to implement the sl...

Architecture for Everyone

Yes, this discussion has pre-built next weekend's reading lis...

Things I Learned By Not Getting Hired for a Year

" sending applications into the abyss " Lisa this whole pos...

15+ FREE virtual conferences and Meetups you should attend

Thanks for sharing these! I've signed up for a couple :)

Should a button communicate the current state, the intended behavior, or both?

Hi Ben... GREAT question, and I've actually learned a ton f...

Like `console.log` But Better

Thanks, Ben.... so much feels here! It feels so good when som...

A Definitive Guide for Escaping Tutorial Hell

Thanks, Bennet! Your post was timed perfectly with a curren...

Applying CSS :focus-within

+1 here, as well. "knowledge acquired"... niccce!

CSS Variables

Great content, Samantha! I had just recently started using ...

Developer's Serenity Prayer


A framework for learning for programmers

Ben, I have to agree (or at least reinforce and provide you...

A framework for learning for programmers

Great stuff, Joseph! Having been 'between positions' long e... - are my comments getting a auto "Heart emoji"

yup, me too

What's the best software for creating flowcharts and other visuals to document application logic?

+1 for LucidChart

My First Unit Test

Yep, the bulk of my unit testing experience was on PHPUnit ...

My First Unit Test

Simply LOVE the "Geeks vs repetitive tasks" diagram :D

JavaScript array push, pop, shift, unshift: how to remember the difference

Bookmarked!!! Being a rather visually-focused learner, your...

What are the most interesting, readable software books?

Head First Design Patterns : A Brain-Friendly Guide (O'Reil...

Explain WebSockets like I'm five

Well done (including the responders)! As a junior dev, there'...

Tools that make me fast and productive

Agreed! This is fantastic!

Explain TCP like I'm five

Really, Ben? THIS is the one that bothered you, lol?

Hi, I'm Mac Siri


Python for JavaScript Developers

Nice article! Having recently backed away from learning Pyt...

Developer under time pressure ? work faster : work better

Glad to have seen this discussion! While I'm currently betw...

What are your biggest struggles in learning JavaScript?