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re: Is anyone here still open to reviewing resumes? I missed the resume review thread, but I would love some feedback on mine since I'm just starting t...
  • Full address no needed. City/state good enough.
  • Keep your website URL, promote your socials on your personal site, remove socials from resume.
  • Physics (with astronomy emphasis), & Varsity Baseball, NCAA Division III, while this shows: while this shows a 'well rounded' individual they are not relevant.
  • Experience, no paragraphs please. Bullet point items or short sentences.
  • Tech Skills section, very nice and well laid out.
  • "References are available upon request."... of course they are. No need to state the obvious.

As a recruiter you have 5 seconds to get there attention, 10 seconds to get them to stay, another 15 to convince them you are worth putting in the 'call this person' pile.

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