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Is anyone here still open to reviewing resumes? I missed the resume review thread, but I would love some feedback on mine since I'm just starting to apply for new grad tech jobs. Thanks! docs.google.com/document/d/1Ii2wyj...


This already looks good to me.

I'd remove the address details. You can cut it down to the city and state to give an idea of the region you're prepared to travel within without the clutter of street names.

"References are available upon request" is also a given. You can remove this and get yourself back a little more space to say things that matter more!


Hi Sam, your CV is not open to the public, I can't see it


Oops! You're right, it was on my university google drive account with restricted access.. Should be fixed now!


Thanks! The link on my original comment should have the most updated version if you want to check it out :)


Reminder anything you list in technical skills is fair game to be interviewed on - so make sure you're comfortable with it or leave it off. You can always mention things you've done in the past verbally.

See if you can fit into one page - you're so close. You have a few lines with just one word - maybe start there.

I would personally move experience over skills since you have relevant experience. I like that you dive into your experience, as you gain more you definitely want to keep things skim-able so keep that in mind going forward. looks good & good luck!


Thanks for the info! The multiple pages was just a formatting issue when I copied it across google drives, it was originally 1 page and should be fixed now!

In terms of skills being fair game - I basically listed any language I have done at least one project in/with, and I figured I would brush up on syntax and such before I do interviews. Does this seem like a good method? Or should I just leave it off if I am not extremely comfortable with it.

Once again thanks for the reply!

EDIT: Moved the Experience block as well, good tip!

I would leave what's relevant for the job you want. Anything you feel rusty in, leave it off. You can always mention in passing in interview you've dabbled with other languages.

The bad part about listing so many is it's hard to tell on paper what you're passionate about and what you're strong in.

Great, I made some changes to leave off the few languages I was weakest in. I also took for OS’s and replaced them with IDE’s because it seemed more relevant. Do you think this is a good move?

  • Full address no needed. City/state good enough.
  • Keep your website URL, promote your socials on your personal site, remove socials from resume.
  • Physics (with astronomy emphasis), & Varsity Baseball, NCAA Division III, while this shows: while this shows a 'well rounded' individual they are not relevant.
  • Experience, no paragraphs please. Bullet point items or short sentences.
  • Tech Skills section, very nice and well laid out.
  • "References are available upon request."... of course they are. No need to state the obvious.

As a recruiter you have 5 seconds to get there attention, 10 seconds to get them to stay, another 15 to convince them you are worth putting in the 'call this person' pile.

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