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Discussion on: Why not Java

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david-sackstein Author

I find that anonymous writers are more likely to make personal comments and use offensive language.
As we are not making any progress I think we should just agree to disagree and end it here.
Don't get me wrong, if you take another approach to the subject I'd be glad to have this discussion with you.

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mt3o • Edited

To start making progress, acknowledge what I wrote, because I put few (or even a dozen) screens of text which you completely ignored, dismissed by calling it personal and offensive. Refer to what I wrote, not to your feelings. To illustrate up your zero level of attention on what I wrote, you can't write my nickname properly. :(

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david-sackstein Author • Edited

I acknowledge you made some good points - which I can refute.
But you also used the terms laughable, "total beginner", "unprofessional", "half baked claims" and the like.
So let's just agree to disagree.