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Misunderstanding difference between standard library and language itself is beyond your issues with java.

I opened your post to learn some actual issues with java. I don't know, something about cold start, about size of "fat jars", about where java lies behind scala/kotlin/rust/erlang/lisp. Something about abuse of reflection, agents, ineffective practices of defensive programming, performance impact of Optional<> ... Instead you wrote that using guava might affect performance because it's not part of jdk... It's trivial to benchmark this. But checking it requires acting professional, being objective. Using such half baked claim against whole language is just unprofessional. Taking on the point that packages are useless, and final argument was that IntelliJ generates import statements for you - that's laughable. I don't even how to address this, where to start with explaining why you are wrong, except for treating you as a total beginner. I don't even know where to start and I feel helpless, that's where the laugh comes from. This is what made me feel offended.
In my understanding, you are disappointed that java is not c# (assumption: backed by dot net package appropriate for 2019) with it's main (?!) IDE not being copy of Visual Studio.
Not to mention, that NetBeans or Eclipse have more right to be called the main IDE for java, Eclipse for being older, NetBeans for being provided by Sun/Oracle.
Do you even know that for years the best refactoring toolkit for VS was made by JetBrains? The guys behind IntelliJ?
You wrote pretty huge document about where java falls short, but for the part I read - you focus on parts where you don't know how to use it, dont understand what you do, and regret that it's not c#. Understand my disappointment. I expected much more, given the fact you published the document on separate URL, as a word document, and you publish it using your real name. On the contrary I'm just an anon around the internet and can change the nickname whenever I want.

On the other hand I can add fair share of criticisms for c#, like I don't get why I can incre the performance by order of magnitude by marking blocks of code as unsafe, unrolling the loops and inlining getters/setters. Has Microsoft done something with that since 2014 when was the last time I done something with that ecosystem?

Don't get me wrong, if you take another approach to the subject, I'd be glad to read your article and respond to it.

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david-sackstein Author

I find that anonymous writers are more likely to make personal comments and use offensive language.
As we are not making any progress I think we should just agree to disagree and end it here.
Don't get me wrong, if you take another approach to the subject I'd be glad to have this discussion with you.

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mt3o • Edited

To start making progress, acknowledge what I wrote, because I put few (or even a dozen) screens of text which you completely ignored, dismissed by calling it personal and offensive. Refer to what I wrote, not to your feelings. To illustrate up your zero level of attention on what I wrote, you can't write my nickname properly. :(

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david-sackstein Author • Edited

I acknowledge you made some good points - which I can refute.
But you also used the terms laughable, "total beginner", "unprofessional", "half baked claims" and the like.
So let's just agree to disagree.