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I can't compare/contrast, but I've been using BitWarden for over a year and have no complaints. Importing from LastPass was a breeze and I was able to set up my YubiKey for 2FA in maybe five minutes. The mobile app is performant and consistent with the browser plugin. I tell everyone who will listen to use it.


Importing from LastPass may be what gets me to switch over much sooner.


What happens if you lose the YubiKey? How do you backup it up?

This is what keeps me from using YubiKey as a single 2FA token and having an alternative 2FA method like cell phone kind of defeats the whole purpose :/


I do have it backed up by cell phone 2FA. I see what you're saying, but I don't feel that undermines the advantages. I have my YK attached to my car keys - if I lose those, I've got all kinds of problems.


But me and my GF have each a YubiKey. On lastpass you can set a backup YubiKey, so I can use hers, in case my own are gone. In addition, you can print a list of OTP and use that.

Dont know what BitWarden offers, tho.

That's great to know! I believe BW lets you do this too, though I'm not positive. I know it offers the printable OTP list - they're very similar products, really.

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