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Discussion on: My comment was marked as violating code of conduct. Why?

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Ben Lovy

I think "why" is a great question, but I don't agree with your (perceived) assumption that a good answer for it isn't forthcoming. I also agree that a good AMA is a very rare thing, and I'm with you - I'm not about to make my own AMA either.

This person might not "teach" you a skill you didn't have, but they also have a different path and perspective which may be interesting, or resonate with other teenagers. Or it may not. Of course to you, it may indeed be completely useless, but I wouldn't then assume the whole AMA is useless to anyone that reads it - just to you. So I'd argue the best thing to do is live and let live, and don't post at all. If it turns out you're right and it wasn't a great post, it'll peter out on its own without any help. And if not, you might get a good read out of it. The "inclusive" solution is to allow it to be included, with or without your stamp of approval.

When you posted, did you actually think OP might come through and change your mind, or were you just signalling you didn't think it was possible? That's the difference for me - the former I'm on board with, the latter I think we can do without.

I do appreciate your willingness to hash this out, though, and I think it's great that you express yourself directly - we usually need more of that, not less of it. I didn't mean this to be a "pile on Pavel" moment, I think Ben was right in pointing out that there's nuance here the system wasn't equipped for. There no "right" answer here, but increased mutual understanding is always good for the comunity.

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Pavel Gurkov Author


  1. You're changing context a bit, as AMA is not an equal two-way conversation. But let's talk about conversations. And I don't think that only experienced people can have value in a conversation; but they're gonna bring in the most value. They have knowledge and experience to offer. What an inexperienced person has to offer? I honestly don't understand, apart from an occasional fresh point of view that might be totally wrong. I've been to a music instruments shop lately, and talked to 60 years old owner of the shop. He told me the story how the music retail changed over 30 years, what's the tendency, and how the market is gonna look like 10 years from now. He had 30 years of selling gear behind him. I had a pair of ears. What could I tell him on selling instruments?
  2. I feel the need to express my opinions from time to time. Why?.. I don't know, I thought most people are like that.
  3. I cannot talk what OP thinks or feels.