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Jexmon was founded in 2019 as a Digital Marketing Agency. Its mission is to provide world-class SEO and internet marketing services to clients around the globe. We believe in "creating a synergy between technology, creativity and psychology". We are committed to excellence and embrace an open culture. We offer both full-service and freelance SEO, PPC, Social media optimization, pay-per-click, viral and contextual, video, and event marketing. Our SEO consultants also undertake custom web design and development.

Jexmon features an experienced team of leaders who are passionate about their product. Our company’s founders, Can Kilic, Karani Denizoglu started working on it as a startup in June 2019. In the months that followed, they received many valuable investor insights and were able to incorporate those into the product and service. They knew early on that they wanted to make a social networking platform for people and they wanted to build a community that shared a common business vision. In July, they launched their first product: Jexmon, an SEO and content network marketing platform.

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