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Discussion on: Advantages of Git-flow over standard git commands

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Devin Handspiker-Wade

Maybe it's because I am viewing this as an agency, but none of that seems possible.

The definition of done requires the client's approval as something cannot be released to a client's site/app/service without their approval. Going back to a client with "The change needs to be re-tested " when they finally provide their feedback is a good way to end up with unhappy clients.

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Mike Bybee

I wasn't speaking specifically to clients (many stakeholders are internal, and I've worked numerous projects where all of them were), but even with external clients, you need language in the contract for cases where they are not responsive.

And sure, it is often the case that the feature just doesn't get pushed (but the client is still billed for your time) if they fail fulfill their obligation as a stakeholder.

And again, CYA applies universally.