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Discussion on: Learning more about ethics in tech

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Edmond • Edited on

I'm quite interested in ethics in tech too !

I'm not sure this is what you asked for but I'll give you a sample of the resources I like best on ethics in design and programming. This is what I would give someone asking me for a first dive in the subject :)

I recommend one of Mike Monteiro's articles on ethic in designers' job, it's a good introduction for it, in my humble non-designer opinion :

I also like this article from Matthias Wahl to introduce people to Ecological Design, Green Tech and relatives :

About inclusion, here are some principles and a checklist I always try to keep in mind :

This article from Adhithya also makes a good point for inclusion and a11y in the tech world and gives some web design insights I like :

I would highly recommend this newsletter for people wanting weekly accessibility tips and articles :

I don't have anything in English in the case of "ethics by design" but I would encourage you to look it up.

Hope this helps !