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Cat McGee
Cat McGee

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Learning more about ethics in tech

Hey everyone!

I'm really interested in devoting my skills to ethical causes as my career, but I'm not quite sure how to do this.

I'd love to learn more about ethics in tech - from small things we should think about in our daily lives (like accessibility) to big ethical dilemmas (like AI or data privacy).

Do you know of any good resources, mailing lists, or Twitter accounts for these kind of issues?

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Garrett / G66 / megabyteGhost

Hey Iā€™m working on the same, even going as far as looking into starting a non-profit focused on ethics in tech. Iā€™m not at my computer right now but I have some stuff bookmarked on Fraidy Cat I can share with you tomorrow.

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Cat McGee

That would be great! Thank you!

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Franco Scarpa

In the field of personal data, I highly encourage you to read this book:

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Cat McGee

I'll definitely read this. Thank you!

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This article from Robert C. Martin is a classic :

He speaks of ethics in many other posts on his blog. I think you will find some food for thoughts there. :)

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Edmond • Edited

I'm quite interested in ethics in tech too !

I'm not sure this is what you asked for but I'll give you a sample of the resources I like best on ethics in design and programming. This is what I would give someone asking me for a first dive in the subject :)

I recommend one of Mike Monteiro's articles on ethic in designers' job, it's a good introduction for it, in my humble non-designer opinion :

I also like this article from Matthias Wahl to introduce people to Ecological Design, Green Tech and relatives :

About inclusion, here are some principles and a checklist I always try to keep in mind :

This article from Adhithya also makes a good point for inclusion and a11y in the tech world and gives some web design insights I like :

I would highly recommend this newsletter for people wanting weekly accessibility tips and articles :

I don't have anything in English in the case of "ethics by design" but I would encourage you to look it up.

Hope this helps !