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re: The manifest si here to declare the scene delegate you set up (even if it contains empty methods) as being your scene delegate, the one the app wil...

Hi Maarek,

Thank you for your quick response. I have the plist identical to yours. In the SceneDelegate I have the func scene empty. Still, I only get one black screen. What am I doing wrong?

Does your storyboard has an initial view controller set (with an arrow on the left) ?

Hi Maarek,

Yes I have activated an initial view controller. Do not understand why the screen stays black. As soon as I remove the manifest, the app goes back. Do you have any idea?

I Hi Maarek,

I am now a little closer to the goal. I had to paste this code into the scene delegate:

         guard let winScene = (scene as? UIWindowScene) else {return}

         // Create the root view controller as needed
         let vc = ViewController ()
         let nc = UINavigationController (rootViewController: vc)

         // Create the window. Be sure to use this initializer and not the frame one.
         let win = UIWindow (windowScene: winScene)
         win.rootViewController = nc
         win.makeKeyAndVisible ()
         window = win

Now the ViewController is displayed, but everything is crashed. TableView (found nil), present other view controller by button crash. What is going on here?

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