re: Here's my resume: Please send feedback :)

Your summary is a little too obviously a list of keywords; leave those for the "Core Technical Skills" section and do something else for the summary. Maybe talk about what drives you or give some extra context?

Project experience: the first couple entries actually have too much detail. Try to get those under control! You want these bullet points to be nothing but hits, and if you have more than about six it'll start to get boring. Avoid boring at all costs. Stuff like "Daily calls/agile scrums" or "Checking in codes and scripts regularly" you can axe outright; basic competence with source control is expected these days, and the cadence of meetings at one employer is irrelevant to your next one (if you were responsible for running process meetings, that's noteworthy).

Use consistent tense. If you like "Design Tableau dashboards", "Maintaining documents" should be "Maintain documents" instead; if you prefer "Maintaining documents", the first item should be "Designing Tableau dashboards".

Core technical skills: BitBucket is not a version control system -- it's a platform offering Git or Mercurial. Break up "Software" into "Databases" and "Reporting Tools" plus any other category that seems appropriate.

Employment history: table contents don't match the header, and instead of role info you've duplicated the organization column.

If a sentence ends with "etc." that's a hint that there's a better way to word it.


Hi. Thanks a ton! This will help me a lot, will definitely take care of the points you mentioned. It's a good idea since potential interviewers won't even mention these and I might not get where I was going wrong. Thanks a lot for your time.

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