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Nice article.

I totally agree with you, and I unit test my side projects, always, because I know how much you get having them! Especially when you do refactoring.

But, the sad thing is that at work, in my company, we don't write unit tests, because everything is about the money and time, because time is money, and unit tests takes time. I worked on many projects, and every time I ask "Should I write unit tests", the answer is "No", or "We'l decide later", or similar. We are working for clients, that care more about when the product will be completed, then about the quality of the product.

In my opinion, the main problem of unit tests is that people can not see the result of them at the beginning (and clients can't see why they are important at all). At the end, unit tests save money and time, and clients should know it!


At my workplace I have been unsuccessful in convincing people to unit test and it is not about getting product out the door. It is a resistance to change. Overcoming the "I've been programming for 15 years without it" is difficult. Even when I wrote the infrastructure, gave training, pages examples etc just getting people to write a spec can be exasperating.

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