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Discussion on: WEB DESIGN: what’s a good fit if you DONT LIKE STYLING?

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Bootstrap was just what came to mind first as something that takes over the styling, and I didn't know what front-end frameworks you liked working with. Bootstrap can be used with just about any front-end framework. Vuetify takes over a lot of the styling as well, but only works with Vue, otherwise I would have recommended it as well.

Basically, if you're working in web development and don't want to deal with styling, you can outsource the styling to a different team or team member, though that isn't always practical, or you can outsource it to some kind of UI kit, which also isn't always practical.

The biggest issue with that is if your project requires a specific look or feel. This argues against Bootstrap more than Vuetify, as Vuetify seems more flexible.

For the most part, the back end technology doesn't really affect this. Most back end technologies allow for template driven design which allows for separation of code and style, and even those that don't usually don't force you to use inline styling, so you can have someone set up the stylesheet and then you apply the classes that the stylesheet expects.

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Bret Author

Thank you! I like defining things more then styling. I can see that Vuetify has allot more options than Bootstrap.... Vuetify does have a CDN, I’ve used it before, but not in a Django project. I’ve used Styled-Components + Framer Motion in React, it works well and makes it seem like Vuetify with customization.

But, aspect wise, I’ve watched videos using Java and Xcode, I liked how the objects were defined and kinda styled at the same tome and it was organized.
Styled-Components with Framer Motion, you can set a variable that a const defines and you can add it as motion={object} and it styles it without too much “inline”, I like that, but, overall going through the list of “what you can do” messes me up.