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Discussion on: I am a JavaScript's biggest fan, Ask Me Anything!

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Evan Oman

Alright I will throw it out there: why JavaScript? What features set it apart from other languages in your mind?

(coming from someone who has used JS in the past and was happy to move on)

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Daniel Mayovsky Ask Me Anything

There must be a big difference between you and me. I am 18 and started learning programming 2 years ago. JavaScript was set up apart by the fact that it was straight forward with you with the programming logic. Every language has loops, arrays, value types, variables, and so on, but have different syntax and optimization approach. When I started learning programming, I was learning languages that everyone has acknowledged as real and popular like Java, C++, C#. And none of them actually teached me any programming, I was just learning their syntax all along. While JavaScript book I was reading also took on explaining everything about programming and JavaScript being very open with how you use it. You don't have to learn Classes and Functions, before you can run loops. While in Java, you create a class, then create a function, and then run a loop within that function. W3C, and Mozilla Docs were bread and water to me all along.

I have been learning the language literally most of the week for a year or so, I got very comfortable with it. With release of Electron, React Native, and other engines to run JS on other platforms, I just find no significant reason to move on to other languages. I am stuck :).

So the answer would be, that I don't find features that set it apart to stay in JS train, I just can't find significant reasons to leave the language, so I am stuck here :)