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Discussion on: What should a developer really catch?

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Felipe Martins Author

Hello @edinaldosj! Thank you! Great to hear that feedback! I've identified myself by reading your text..

First: most of those books take a lot effort/time, mainly those with exercises.. anyway, they helped me so much!

Yes, the books are useful even for no JAVA developers.. I'm a PHP Web Developer just like you and have to say it was sometimes a bit painful to configure the environment. The problem is: the authors have to choose one language for the exercises..

However, these authors normally help with the basic setup and the code are also easy, because it is only for studying purposes and the goal is to teach concepts, not syntax. Furthermore, it is always great to have some contact with another language.

Finally, (if you want) you can contact me for sharing experiences or asking for something.. It is always a pleasure to help others as well as others have always helped me in the same way!

My contact info are here: .. you can also send messages in Portuguese.. I'm also from Brazil :)