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Discussion on: How to create a simple Honeypot to protect your Forms against Spammers

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Felippe Regazio Author

Thats a great question Danielle. I think that the most configurations you add to the elements, the most hints you give to bots and spammers. So, we have to balance. Once we are talking about accessibility, there is no way to say no, we have to be careful.

Some alternatives i can think are:

Wrap the elements on a fieldset element that is aria-hidden and has . ohnohoney can be a good approach.

But, to tell you the truth, i dont see a problem with the aria. The "hidden" attr means hidden to everyone, but "aria-hidden" means hidden to screen readers and similar tools. I think the aria should not warm the technique cause bots should consider those elements too.

Would be cool to let a test running for a while. A form with aria and one without, and compare the spam incidence. If i was writing a bot, i would consider the aria-hidden inputs also, cause we never know the possible pages architectures, but im just guessing.

Sorry if my answer was not so complete as you could be expecting :/

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Danielle Greaves

No, I think it's a great thing to consider and have a discussion about. I'm just implementing something similar and thought it was something I should throw out there. Thanks!