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web developer - js, [s]css, node, php, python - intp, lifelong learner, father, skateboarder. a strange carbon-based lifeform.

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Web Developer

#showdev3 Chrome's Built-in URLs that you would like to know

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1 min read

#showdevI created my own Pure CSS Micro-Framework, a tale 🙃

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6 min read

#showdevCSS Custom Properties (vars) with SASS/SCSS, a practical architecture strategy

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9 min read

#showdevI made a "Simon Game" variation using VueJS 🎮

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1 min read

#showdevAn useful alias to toggle your microphone from terminal (Linux)

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1 min read

#showdevStyling native Checkboxes and Radio inputs (CSS Only)

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2 min read

My CSS Brand Colors Collection

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1 min read

#showdevEvent Source Interface, an unidirectional alternative to Sockets in JavaScript

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5 min read

Creating a Sidebar with HTML, CSS and JS

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4 min read

#showdevMy Vanilla JavaScript Built-In Web Elements Collection

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2 min read

A quick and cool CSS real-time editor with HTML & CSS only

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1 min read

418 HTTP Status Code: Im a teapot!

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2 min read

#discussHow do companies make money with data?

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1 min read

#showdevA tiny "Deployer" made with Shell Script and Rsync

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3 min read

#showdevCSS :focus-within pseudo-class

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1 min read

#showdevA Responsive Modal With Flexbox and No Media Queries

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5 min read

#challengeA light challenge: Can you describe what this PHP code does?

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1 min read

#helpI want to learn AI with Python, but i dont know how to start

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2 min read

#discuss4 handy ways to create an element with properties in Javascript

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1 min read

Building a pure CSS menu with nested dropdowns

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8 min read

#showdevA complete "Live Reload" feature for PHP projects in a single class

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2 min read

How to create a simple Honeypot to protect your Forms against Spammers

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3 min read

#discussToday is the programmer day in some countries

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1 min read

#discussWhat was your first computer?

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1 min read

Why you need a Front End Developer in Your Kitchen

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2 min read