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Thank you Jeremy, for this article. Like you, I am learning to code also. I am currently learning through online courses. To add to this, for those like me who are enrolled in these types of courses, pause the videos often to understand what has been explained. Do not just keep typing in an effort to complete the course.

One of the things the I recommend doing is to try and modify the projects a bit using skills you have learned. I am now trying to build projects of my own, not by copying the projects, but by looking at sites out there and trying to create aspects of them into one project. This for me has been a major help.

Another thing I do is try my best to answer as many questions as I can in the course. If I don't know the answer right off, I research it and try to explain it in my own words as much as possible.

Thus is just my newbie vantage point and hope it adds to this conversation and helps others learning as well.


Absolutely. It can be tempting to just keep going without pausing to make sure we really understand the concepts. That's a great point too about getting practice by building side projects. That's something I definitely need to do more often.

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