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I love writing clean, simple code, and writing about code. I love building things that make people smile. I like computers, Ruby, people, music, and books.


Flatiron School


Software Engineer at Red Squirrel Technologies

#explainlikeimfiveWhat is a network socket?

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6 Git commands every beginner should memorize

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How to sync your fork with the parent repository

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#todayilearnedHow to exit Vim

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How I keep going when I just want to quit.

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TDD Basics: How to Write an RSpec Test

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Pass by Reference, Pass by Value

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#showdevA Year Ago I Never Would Have Been Able To Do This, But I Just Built My First Web App. Here It Is!

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From Chef to Programmer: Lessons From The Kitchen

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Ruby Method Spotlight: Slice

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Read This Before Starting a Bootcamp

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The Blog Post About Ruby Error Messages I Wish I’d Had When I Started Programming

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