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Never use a number or currency formatting library again!

This is neat! 👌

Never use a number or currency formatting library again!

Wish we had something similar for dates 🤣

The tiniest CSS-in-JS solution for your open-source React components

Nice one, I have the same thing with react-toastify and react...

React-toastify v7 is live

Glad you like it !

Typescript can be confusing

Regarding your first example here is a good article on this j...

GraphQL with React - Apollo vs Relay overview

I've been working with both professionally. Both are great, b...

What's the best way to represent time spent on open source on a CV or Linkedin?

Hey Anna, it's thanks to my open source project that I've bee...

Why having a "Work With Me" guide can be a good idea?

Hey Ahmed, really like the idea of having a "Work with me gui...

Adding notifications with React-Toastify

Yes this is the pauseOnFocusLoss feature. It can be disabled ...

Adding notifications with React-Toastify

Hey there. I'm the author of react-toastify. I'm really glad ...

Projects with Great Documentation

react-toastify is not that bad

Quick A/B Poll: Which card style you like better?

Both are gorgeous. But I would go for A. The "VS" is really e...

Make your first CSS art 😍

Awesome and so simple ! Well done

9 tools & resources that I use while building & designing a website.

Awesome thanks for sharing!