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re: I'm telling you one thing for sure, neither the author nor the people who left a comment have any real exposure to enterprise level performance app...

Hello Pouya,

Your comment does not follow the community Code of Conduct which can be found here: dev.to/code-of-conduct. Please re-read the Code of Conduct before commenting or posting again.

You're obviously very passionate about Material UI and its flaws. While it is acceptable to point out the flaws in the subject of the post, it is not acceptable to provide no constructive criticism or information to backup your claims. It is not acceptable to speak down to an author or other users for discussing a piece of technology that they have found interesting or useful. Everyone's toolbox is different, and everyone's project is different.

If you want to warn others of the technical debt that you've encountered when using Material UI, then I encourage you to write an article describing your own experiences.


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