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Full Stack Engineer. Golang Engineer at The Home Depot. Musings about Go, TypeScript, Node.js. My thoughts are my own.


Associate of Science (2017); Self-taught (15 yrs)


Golang Engineer at The Home Depot

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I'm looking for work!

On Mocking Functionality in Go Tests

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What are favorite features of MongoDB?

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Batch Post

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Building a Twitch.tv Chat Bot with Go - Part 2

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Building a Twitch.tv Chat Bot with Go - Part 1

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How do you prefer to learn new tech?

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Detaching Unix Child Processes with Go

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Hosting WordPress over HTTPS with Docker

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Localizing Go to JavaScript

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Go formatting with rgblog

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Running WordPress PHPUnit Tests With Docker

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Abstraction for the sake of Abstraction

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Hi, I'm Forest Hoffman

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