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Discussion on: GOlang discussion 🤔

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Forest Hoffman

I have years of experience with all of the above, and Go is by far my favorite! :D

I like the slow progression of updates to the language (relative to JavaScript, every other language's ecosystem is slow lol), so new and deprecated features are easier to get used to.

Having worked extensively with both front-end and back-end, I personally prefer working on back-end services that handle the business logic. And, that is completely subjective! I find it enjoyable, which makes me enjoy using Go more, because Go is best suited for building back-end web services.

I enjoy how fast it is relative to Node or PHP, and relative to how long it takes to write Go code.

The official docs are better than most other languages mostly because the language is very restrictive in the way it is formatted. There are some design choices that you can make, but ultimately, one person's Go code is going to look like the next, otherwise it won't compile or run. go fmt is your friend!

The error reporting is pretty fantastic.

The debugging is also pretty fantastic relative to un-compileable interpreted languages like JavaScript or PHP.

I'm the kind of learner that needs to do in order to retain knowledge. So, I usually learn best by having a challenge presented and then attempt to solve it. I think Go By Example has some good content for beginners.

Other than that, you can find pretty much anything you want out of Go by googling "golang [thing]".

Also, who doesn't go "aww" when looking at these little gophers?! Look at em!

Artwork of cute cartoon gophers working on a computer

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Hiram Author

Ufff great stuff man! Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.