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Discussion on: What's something you're currently learning?

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Freddy Hidalgo-Monchez • Edited on

I've skimmed a lot of books and taken a few DS & Algo classes in university but I always felt unmotivated to actively practice. The material always felt really dry and too theoretical. This course was a game changer for me (not affiliated or sponsored in any way 😁 ). Disregard the "getting a job" part, it's much more than that in my opinion.

I've bought most of his courses btw and I can't recommend his teaching style enough.

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Itachi Uchiha

This looks good :) I think I have to be motivated as you said :)

How much time taken for you?

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Freddy Hidalgo-Monchez

It took me about a month maybe 5hrs/week but I was writing down all the important concepts and sample problems on flash cards. I'm sure it can be done quicker, but I think the trick is to quickly review theory and then spend time practicing until confident. Hope that helps :D