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Discussion on: You Probably Don't Need a Mac

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Used Ubuntu but found it "heavy" and switched to Kali it's been 3yrs now .

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I haven't tried Kali. I'm using Fedora mostly because all the systems I use professionally are Red Hat, and I often find myself needing to test something at home and/or advise the IT folks about how to install or configure something.

I thought Kali was mostly only used for security testing or similar gray-hat work. I didn't know many people used it as a daily driver.

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Heaven Piercing Man

Linux GUI, antiquated? Are you still on GNOME2, KDE4, LXDE or some niche text mode tiling GUI? I mean even XFCE becomes modern with a dock and a theme. Throw in a global menu and it's perfect Mac refugee territory.

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I never understood why software developers ever might need to choose a Linux distro based on the look and feel when they can install basically what they want in any distro.

Just kidding :D