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Over 4000 followers! Growing interest in learning full-stack development with Dart

I want to thank and congratulate all my followers for going on this journey with me!

When I started this blog in April, I was unaware of the effect this would have. It hasn't been a year yet and the DEV community have really surprised and humbled me through the encouragement and following of my readers.

In October last year, I took the plunge and decided to go full time as a blogger, programming instructor and YouTuber under the brand Creative Bracket.

It had been my intention(and still is) to demonstrate clear and high-quality video tutorials on building full-stack Dart applications, covering the web and server environments.

This year 2019 brings great promise for Dart developers and here are some of the ways I've realised this:

1. Support for ES6 syntax and tools

Dart already compiles to JavaScript using the dart2js tool included in the SDK. The only caveat here is that the output had been ES5 code. This was in order to support legacy browsers like Internet Explorer 11 and below.

So it's with great pleasure to announce that there is work in progress to migrate to modern ES6 syntax and features, including the translation of Dart code to ES6!

This will also allow integration with common ES6 tools such as Babel and WebPack. Here's an earlier video on it:

2. Flutter now has over 50K⭐ GitHub stars

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Over 50,000 people have starred the Flutter project, demonstrating great promise with this approach to building cross-platform applications. And with the Hummingbird project, we should see browser support soon.

Read the Flutter 2019 Roadmap

3. Gaining momentum in recent poll

Pluralsight's 2018 wrap-up report lists Dart as a growing technology and a poll by JAXCenter shows Dart taking the lead as the most relevant language developers wish to engage with in 2019:

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Most relevant language poll

4. Increasing subscribers on my YouTube channel

YouTube subscriber page

Over 400 subs! Subscribe now to learn full-stack development with Dart!

5. Now working on high-quality, private screencasts on advanced Dart topics

I am working on written and video content for my Patreon page. This will be exclusive to higher-tiered members.

Become a Patreon

In the meantime why not become a Patreon today in the basic tier and help drive future Dart content? This will grant you access to a Dart starter ebook I plan on releasing soon!

Thanks for reading! Like, share and follow me 😍 for more content on Dart.

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