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Discussion on: Interesting Board Game Mechanics

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Liz Lam

I've been eyeing Pyramid Arcade for a while. You might have just pushed me enough over to actually pick up a copy. I love abstract strategy games and games have found quite a few unique ones from independent designers. My husband and I have a 10 game rule, we don't judge a game until we played it 10 times.

Last 5 previously played (10 games in a row):

  • 4 Tribes - Loved it! Great simple 2 player game. Easy to setup and teardown.

  • Desolate - Loved it! Really like the theme and retro graphics. You are trying to survive on an alien infested space station.

  • Captain Treasure Boots - Ok. I really wanted to like this one but it seemed to be too repetitive for my taste.

  • Cam - Loved it! A smaller version of a Parker Brother's classic (Chivalry/Camelot). More complicated than checkers but simpler than chess.

  • Chameleon - Loved it! I love simple chess variants and the ceramic components are really nice.

Currently playing:

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Ben Lovy Author

I don't blanket recommend Pyramid Arcade, I think a lot of folks wouldn't get much out of it - but it sounds like it's right up your alley! That's a good rule of thumb - I definitely need to spend more time with some of the Pyramid games before writing them off.

Thanks so much for the list - yet another that's almost entirely new to me! I've played a few rounds of Roll for the Galaxy at a friend's and it's already on my "to buy" list. I'll be on the lookout!