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re: When it comes to learning new stuff, I always refer to this:

It's perfectly correct!


If you give a thought of it, YouTube dev channels, Udemy course creators and other devs in online education field are the ultimate winners:
+ constant need to always stay up to date with modern cutting edge
+ requirement to understand everything to the bone (by practicing) in order to teach others
+ pay is exponential in the long term by the channel growth and the total count of videos/courses
+ opportunity for extra revenue from 3rd-party advertisements, personal merchandise, etc
+ creation and promotion of personal portfolio to get other well-paid side-projects along the road
+ ability to work remotely, in your own pace/schedule, managing time based on family and personal needs
+ and most importantly, due to the massive amount of new devs coming into the field, the count of people looking for free knowledge is skyrocketing, meaning the online web education business is booming...

*Makes sense many of them have turned down multiple full-time offers from companies like Google.

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