How are you dealing with quarantine?

helderburato profile image Helder Burato Berto ・1 min read

For me, even though I already have experienced remotely work, it's still difficult to maintain the mental health in this hard times.

In this period of quarantine I'm dealing with a anxiety and wasting performance in my work period I'm thinking how to get better, more motivated and focused at work time avoiding a negative thoughts.

Some steps I'm trying to avoid is stay at computer for more then 8 hours, reading books with different subjects then IT, watching series and things that make my mind more "free".

How are you dealing with this hard times?


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I also try to do more of 'pointless' things just to keep my thoughts in place.

I suggest watching YouTube videos about very different topics and learning a new skill that does not relate anything to your actual field of knowledge!


Thanks for that!
I'm watching a lot of random YouTube videos it's a helpful way to clear my mind after a work day.


I'm going to sound like an asshole, but the quarantine was amazing for my wife and I.

Something interesting with the confining is that neurotypical people start to develop ADHD symptoms : lack of motivation, bad time perception and management, permanent frustration... Also, it can be really difficult to get out of your appartment with ADHD, so forcing us to stay inside can be somewhat of a relief.

As an ADHD couple, although we wouldn't rejoice on the problems of others, it felt good - so good we're slightly ashamed of it - to see people struggling in their daily life like we usually do. Those symptoms they tasted for a little while are what we face every day.

ADHD is very unknown in our country (France), the people who know about it still believe it's an american conspiracy to give amphetamines to kids; so it was a good opportunity for us to try and talk about this issue.

Beside, ADHD people shine in times of crisis - because our life is a permanent crisis, we became pretty good at managing them.


It's a different perception and it's nice, I really appreciate to know the other perception of people! Considering that each person is a unique being and faces situations in different ways.

I really want this phase make people think about the impact of problems like anxiety, depression in our world, and give the emphaty for the people who faces this.


Bottom line: it sucks! While I am getting in time to learn new coding skills, I miss interacting with people. It's summer vacation time here and I haven't been able to go anywhere.


Awesome! Just don't forget to 'chill' and have spare time to do 'nothing'!

btw, Netflix FTW! 🚀


Yeah, I'm not the 'do nothing' type. I can't sit in front of a TV without having my phone or laptop going (then, I miss most of the plot!) 😊


I totally understand you.
Even though I'm an introspective person, I'm missing going out with friends and doing activities outside home.


For me, the key has been exercising often. Just a little bit, nothing crazy, just walking a bit, doing some yoga, basic exercises, etc... something you can be consistent with.


Personally, I haven't been able to form this habit of exercising yet, even before quarantine, but I do believe that physical exercise influences better well-being.


That's a good point, It has taken me a long time to be consistent about it until it started giving me health problems, and I'm not as consistent as I would like, but something is better than nothing I guess :P


It's mostly fine for me, during unemployment breaks I lived not much different than now. The only real problem is to keep my sleeping pattern stable. I don't want to be a night owl anymore, but it's crawling to the surface again:)


Regulating sleep is really something that influences everyday life, I suggest trying to maintain a routine is what works well for me.


It's been hard. Quarantine helped me take the first steps to hard life decisions. I got used to a Daily routine fairly fast, so when change arrive I felt discomfort. Hopefully the good thing on this crisis for me, is learning to let go things i can't control. Also on the bright side I have more time with my family and I'm learning new stuff.


Me too, I'm reading some kind of books like "Essentialism" that makes me think what's is really essential to my life to keep growing and have a balance in personal and professional life.


It's been a blast for me personally. I figured covid is something I can't control, so I focused on the things I can. It's been amazing.

  • meditate daily
  • read books (history, philosophy, anatomy, self-help)
  • do open source (follow my curiosity)
  • help people with my posts here and on my blog
  • keep a daily journal (online on my site)
  • lots of hours spent with my wife
  • lots of hours coding, which I enjoy a lot
  • donate for those in need

I understand not everyone is as privileged and can only hope they feel better. Keep it up!


The point I'm doing a lot is stay with my wife, doing nice stuff together, and that's is a really nice.

Thanks for share your thoughts.


Surely hard times we are facing all.

But never let your mentality to beilieve that! keep yourself motivated and positive.

Meditate, exercise and be patient.

Amazing meditation podcasts :


Keep growing man, we are all the same but the way we think differ,.❤


Thanks for that! I'll check it


I’m a home office type of guy when I’m working, but having online lectures sucks. It’s mind blowing what happens across the globe, but leisure, going outside for a walk and/or working out and spending time for learning new stuff helps. It clears your mind from everything that sucks right now.


I definitely miss being out and about and the in-person interactions, but I've been using this time to create new routines at home to maintain my sanity. :)

Things like drinking hot lemon water before my coffee, doing a little yoga, journaling, and trying to get some physical activity in every day have been super helpful. I also love listening to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 – listening to the radio helps me feel less alone with all these work from home days blending together!

  • My family has been watching comedies which are nice and breezy.
  • I have been reading Agatha Christie mysteries. They are easy reads and take me somewhere else, whether it is a little village in England or on a boat traveling the Nile.
  • I have been enjoying my dog's reaction to having everyone home all the time. She is psyched.
  • My husband is dealing really really well, maybe because he was home schooled as a kid and working from home and not going somewhere everyday is something he grew up with. He is leaning into projects.

I wrote this a while back, it might be helpful to some.


I live in Vietnam, quarantine never even started here so it's life as normal :)


Here at Brazil I'm on quarantine for 100+ days.
I know it's a privilege for people who can stay in house, but like everything in life has the pros and cons.


I know your country is going through rough times. As programmers were are very lucky to be able to work from home. Stay safe!


It is the best thing ever. Finally I can work remotely full-time


Bought an ocarina recently, and have been playing after work to calm my mind and destress.


I bought a classic lego, and have been playing with my wife, it's very funny.