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Hi fellow pinoy!

As far as my views about the "lorem ipsum" episode, the moment the client says or complains about it, just lay down the fact that the "lorem ipsum" placeholder is universally used by anyone, anywhere at any point, in web design mockups or prototypes or whatever you produce without any proper content.

I also made the habit of asking or telling beforehand that "any placeholder content will have a standardized content (lorem ipsum) to provide proper demo content. Any customized content, text or color scheme requested specifically by POC is welcome."


Great insight & tips, kabayan!

This was her exact message after I explained what a placeholder is:

"Even though, it should all be written in English so I would know and understand the content of the new website and how it would look like."

Just to be safe on my end because I feel a bit sketchy on how she responded, I already deleted the balsamiq cloud link and decided to send her a message that I would present the prototype over skype.

Hoping for the best now.

Thanks, Kabayan!


Good to know! Hope everything works well on your end!

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