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re: thanks for putting those videos up on the babel website that explain the theory behind babel. They are really hel...

Awesome, good question Maurice!

I would read through our and, and yeah the videos for sure.

As for something specific I might suggest looking through some new (or even old) good first issue labeled issues. If you want to contribute, simply learning about the project is a contribution in itself even though you might not be "committing" code to the project necessarily. That's why I think if we make a new issue and someone "solved" it or made a PR already, it doesn't mean you "can't" work on it, just that you might not get your name on the commit since you can just work on it own your own or even better pair up with someone to figure it out or even give someone a PR review.

I'd like to think we can expand the definition of what it means to contribute to a project: not a PR or a commit but so many other things (I can expand on this in a separate post) but I think this is good for now.

Like better documentation doesn't have to mean a typo fix, or writing docs when they aren't there, but also making these accessible to newcomers and other various ideas that even I haven't come up with. Maybe the best thing you can really do to contribute to a project is just to learn more about the project itself; maybe after that it will be easier to actually realize what a project is "missing" or what needs help. Otherwise you are just going into it dark and doing what the simplest thing is. Not that that is a bad thing because all of it is helpful but there is a lot more out there that I know everyone is capable of doing.

Ideally you would have a mentor for these things but that is something I can't myself do right now.

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