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re: Great,some are necessary but you have to keep in mind to ask them at the right time,at an interview after being the top candidate,I was disqualifie...

Then they didn't pass your test, did they? :)


no,to tell the truth it was a 3 step process,first technical js test,on submit they told me mine was the most efficient,then another programming test live with the founder to see that we didn't get help from sb else,passed even this, interview with the founder and to think that all these tests were for a position in germany as intern for 1000$ month???Can you even survive with so little,when only rent coasts you 500$??and I thought well let's try to talk to him this maybe he may raise it,but no ,he disqualified me!

I think it counts as you disqualified them. I'm sorry you had such experience, they don't seem like they understand what they're doing. I think you escaped luckily! I mean, you wouldn't agree on 1K per month, even if they didn't reject you, would you? I'm sure you'll find a much better place to work!

Sometimes you don't have much choice,but who knows still sharpening my skills but they don't create experience.

Wow. Is this why people say millennials are entitled? While I truly believe interns deserve to be paid fairly and also agree that payment is too low, I’m not sure I’d have the guts to tell them that in person. Then again, German culture is more direct.

In my time I did 3 unpaid internships.

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