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re: Brainf*ck in 5 minutes.
That makes my brain hurt
re: How do I turn an image into polygon art with python?
Answer copied from a reddit post: This is actually a prett...
re: How to Use C Functions in Python
This is really helpful for times when you can't find python...
re: The web without the web
I think a lot JS frameworks are wildly over-engineered. Wha...
re: Playing Air Drums in JavaScript
Nice job!
re: Frontend vs Backend: Which One Is Right For You?
I vote for fullstack because it makes you more valuable to ...
re: Dynamically Created Sentences in Python/Django (madlibs)
How do you dynamically generate text?
re: Do you use BeautifulSoup or LXML to parse your HTML markup in Python?
re: Why do you choose Mac over other options?
I didn't pick Mac... it's what my job uses so it's what I u...
re: How Much Math is Needed? (or desirable)
It totally depends on what you're programming. I use algebr...
re: Are CSS and HTML programming languages?
Nope because they don't allow for logic (css variables don'...
re: How many computer devices do you own?
Asus laptop, Galaxy S9+, (ancient) Nexus 7 tablet. I develo...
re: What means the unicorn response?
Yeah I wondered that too
re: Are most of your friends developers too?
Yes. Most of my friends I've met at work.
re: My struggles designing a personal website is a great website to pick colors and pal...
re: What do you wear to work?
Jeans/shorts, t-shirt.
re: What's your commute like?
Depending on traffic, my commute is 30 to 45 minutes.
re: Hacking my Honeymoon with Javascript 🦒
That was good thinking and I love your photos!
re: Welcome Thread - v33
Hi! I'm here because the articles are entertaining and teac...