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re: where would you live if you could be remote full-time?
I'd "work" in a city with high wages and "live" in a town wit...
re: Semicolons in Python?!
You can play in traffic too but it's not a good idea lol
re: Ai Generated Faces - Access it using Python
@magesh236 What's your use case for this? It's pretty intere...
re: Using Python To Compute Start To End Dates
I didn't know about the holidays package. Thanks for sharing!
re: Should I move from PHP to Python?
Both have their places... why not use both? That makes you a ...
re: Dating App built in Python
nice work
re: How to Automate Your Emails With Python
This is very informative. I've done something similar to test...
re: New PHP router wich is 30 to 50 times faster then Laravel router
Can it be used in laravel?
re: Using Python to generate over 10,000 unique 8-bit lightsabers
Cool idea
re: Weird Programming Stuff
cool idea showing programming concepts with dance
re: How to create procedural art in less than 100 lines of code
Interesting but why are you using python 2.7? Please switch t...
re: Working with Python classes and objects
Nice information but please use f-strings!
re: Which language to start with ?
Python is by far the easiest of the three you listed
re: Covid19 REST API's
Very cool!
re: Daily Developer Jokes - Monday, Mar 16, 2020
Groan... take your upvote
re: Sourcery now available in VS Code!
The token makes Sourcery free? Does it expire?
re: The lesser known (but incredibly useful) way of settings breakpoints in Python
If you're using VS Code for your Python IDE, you can run th...
re: String formatting in Python
F-strings make printing SO much easier
re: Who is using a PinePhone?
Does it have any apps? That's what makes or breaks a phone.
re: 8 Coolest Python Programming Language Features
Good post! My favorites are list comprehensions and f-strin...
re: Need a hug? There's a bot for that!
"I just took a DNA tet, turns out I'm 100% hugs!" should be...
re: Which python ide
I'm liking VSCode for python
re: Is Switching From Python to Java is a Good Idea?
It's always good to know more programming languages but if ...
re: for key value in dict python
Nice but please use f-strings!
re: Enhance image quality with HDR using python and opencv
Do you have the actual code that you can post?
re: Never do this in Python
This is great! Please keep making these videos in English
re: New image API with amazing AI features is here!
I don't see a link.
re: Inspecting function annotations in Python
Looks interesting but some explanation would be helpful.
re: 71 Python Code Snippets for Everyday Problems
Awesome list @renegadecoder94
re: The Concise Python Tutorial, part 2: Flow control
Good information! I would explain how to use f-strings for ...
re: Debugging Python code in the terminal (with examples)
Great recommendation on Pytest!
re: 3.5 split() method in Python
f-strings are your friend
re: Adventures in game image editing
What's the game you're currently working on?
re: Developer Tools & Frameworks for a Python Developer
I'm going to give this a try! Thanks for sharing.
re: What is the Most Difficult Concept to deal with in Python?
I think list comprehensions can be confusing to grasp
re: BLACK-JACK with Python
You shouldn't use variable names like "a" because they aren...
re: Building a JAMstack e-commerce website
The link to your site is broken.
re: You are not your code
You're right Chris. Work should only be a part of our lives...
re: Birthday Cake Animation
re: Using the Twitter API to make your commute easier
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
re: Apples announces new 16-inch Macbook Pro
The current MBP doesn't have an actual Escape key because i...
re: TIL about formatted strings that was introduced in Python 3.6
F-strings are your friend!
re: Delta-Eos - ASCII Text-Heavy Murder Mystery Game
Nice! I look forward to seeing your progress.
re: It's the end of Python 2. Are we prepared?
The end of python 2 has been coming for YEARS. If people ar...
re: Vanilla.js - Getting Started
Very nice and SIMPLE. So much JS requires crazy amounts of ...
re: Own Your Content, Broaden Your Audience
I enjoyed your talk at Connect Tech
re: Adding Search to your Eleventy Static Site with Lunr
Good information! I also enjoyed your talk about Eleventy a...
re: How to build a chatbot in Python?
This is really cool! Do you have any examples with the bot ...
re: How do you list social media links on a website without using icons?
Why not use icons for social media links? The user recogniz...
re: Popup with Pure CSS
We're stuck with polyfills for now
re: SOAP vs REST
soap = to get clean with, rest = to get json response data....
re: Our favourite Spotify Playlist for Coding
Dark - original Netflix show
re: Turn Your Website into a PWA
Is pwabuilder completely free?
re: How to Audit your site with Lighthouse
I love Lighthouse and I'm surprised by the number of develo...
re: Monochromey CSS
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing
re: what are your preferred hosting services?
PythonAnywhere is great but is only for Python
re: Python alternative to Docker
I recommend PythonAnywhere!
re: Side Project Ideas #15 - Simple pre-order to takeaway PWA - hosted on a restaurant's subdomain.
That's a pretty good idea. Are you going to make this @binc...
re: Every website deserves a service worker
Do you have a full working example of this?
re: How to design a javascript game? (in 13KB or less)
The github link is broken
re: Add a Vanilla JavaScript paywall to a Hugo site using checkoutpage.co
Shouldn't a paywall be instituted server side? If you aren'...
re: Decision Time: PHP Framework Dilemma
Laravel.... or feel the Python love and try Django
re: Are You a Mediocre Developer? ME TOO
I personally would never apply for a job like this. A simple ...
re: Am I an expert developer or just an expert googler?
Porque no los dos?
re: 🕵️‍♀️What does your home office look like? 🕵️
It's made of a dark wood and it has four legs lol
re: 🕵️‍♀️What does your home office look like? 🕵️
On the rare occasion that I work from home, I just use my k...
re: Python/Django Printful Integration
No one's had experience with this?
re: SQL injection and XSS: what white hat hackers know about trusting user input
Very good information @victoria ! We should always use fra...
re: My thoughtful twitter assistant is LIVE!
"Ups, something went wrong, try again later" should be "Oop...
re: Build Virtual Assistant with Python | Automate Tasks
This is very cool! Thanks for sharing this. Do you have a v...
re: Project Estimation Methods in Prehistoric World
I love your pictures!
re: 100+ Project Ideas
I like "What’s the Weather?" as a project. I did something ...
re: Using JavaScript Fetch API to Get and Post Data
Very informative. Thanks!
re: How do you promote your personal sites?
I've tried Facebook (some success), Twitter (not much succe...
re: Let's Hide a Secret Message in an Image with Python and OpenCV
Interesting post. Thanks for sharing!
re: 10 Intriguing Public REST APIs For Your Next Project
openweathermap.org/api -> OpenWeatherMap is an awesome A...
re: What is your daily routine?
I'm curious what it looks like inside lol
re: Brainf*ck in 5 minutes.
That makes my brain hurt
re: How do I turn an image into polygon art with python?
Answer copied from a reddit post: This is actually a prett...
re: How to Use C Functions in Python
This is really helpful for times when you can't find python...
re: The web without the web
I think a lot JS frameworks are wildly over-engineered. What'...
re: Playing Air Drums in JavaScript
Nice job!
re: Frontend vs Backend: Which One Is Right For You?
I vote for fullstack because it makes you more valuable to ...
re: Dynamically Created Sentences in Python/Django (madlibs)
How do you dynamically generate text?
re: Do you use BeautifulSoup or LXML to parse your HTML markup in Python?
re: Why do you choose Mac over other options?
I didn't pick Mac... it's what my job uses so it's what I u...
re: How Much Math is Needed? (or desirable)
It totally depends on what you're programming. I use algebr...
re: Are CSS and HTML programming languages?
Nope because they don't allow for logic (css variables don'...
re: How many computer devices do you own?
Asus laptop, Galaxy S9+, (ancient) Nexus 7 tablet. I develo...
re: What means the unicorn response?
Yeah I wondered that too
re: Are most of your friends developers too?
Yes. Most of my friends I've met at work.
re: My struggles designing a personal website
colourlovers.com/ is a great website to pick colors and pal...
re: What do you wear to work?
Jeans/shorts, t-shirt.
re: What's your commute like?
Depending on traffic, my commute is 30 to 45 minutes.
re: Hacking my Honeymoon with JavaScript 🦒
That was good thinking and I love your photos!
re: Welcome Thread - v33
Hi! I'm here because the articles are entertaining and teac...