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re: I'm glad I'm not doing hardware VIEW POST


Being a hardware guy myself, it can be difficult. But after years and years of experience I've found it best to take a step back and look at the hardware in use and how the end user is using it. From there its easier to decipher problems. Debugging comes easier as the years grow longer. is hard. At least to me. I've found that, like you seem to of found out, its a different logic used in its operations and functions.

Good article.


I guess I'm also referring to the business aspect of it. With software, if you screw up, it can be costly, but seemingly not as costly as a hardware screw up. Do you find this to be the case?


Where I work at, we do not follow any CD or CI structure due to federal requirements. The only main time we might have major problems on hardware would be during the initial facilitation/installation. As with anything, there are always hiccups.

Afterwards its just standard up keep and maintenance.

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