Overcome Fear

Ilona Codes on February 07, 2019

What are those things you fear so much that you cannot embrace and still yet to overcome? For example, for me, it is putting myself out there and ... [Read Full]
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I love this post. You are doing what I also struggle with. Facing your fears! I actually posted about my own fears and how it holds me back, 25 years of coding, and I'm just beginning

The response I got was amazing, and it taught me a valuable lesson, that facing your fears will lead to results. It also lets you help others who may be facing the same fears.

I added your post to my post, under the motivation section of Why you should face your fears and doubts, as a developer..


Nice post!

Fear is a strong emotion!
Nothing gets your heart so fast pumping as fear!
So my strategy is not to fight fear but embrace it.
Fear for me is a good thing! It's like the north star.
When I feel it I know I'm doing something right.
I know that if I go in that direction, in the end, I will be
a better person!

It's a mind game. Your mind wants you to stay safe
but you have to tell your mind no I'm jumping now
and nothing can't stop me!

Have a nice day!

PS: I would love to eat some Currywurst from Berlin right now.


Usually, we have two options. Either we will forget everything and accept the fear, or we will face everything and rise! The choice is only on us.

Love this

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