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Hi everyone! My name is Jamie McCarville and I'm from Manitoulin Island, Ontario - Canada (born and raised in Ottawa). I have been learning to code and I am looking to transition into a job as a developer. I am currently working in education. I started with the basics with Freecodecamp and then signed up with Skillcrush. I learned HTML, CSS, JS, intro to design/Adobe suite and then did a couple of classes on Wordpress. I chose to do WP because I had a first client lined up that was looking for a WP site. After completing those classes, I wanted to strengthen my JS skills, so I went back to Freecodecamp and worked through the intro to JS and ES6 lessons. I am going to continue working through the rest of the FCC JS certificate on my lunches at work as the format is perfect for doing a couple of lessons at a time.

I am currently working through the ES6 course and javascript 30 from Wes Bos. I then plan on going through his node course and then diving into Vue and the MEVN stack. As with most new devs, I wasn't sure what language/stack I wanted to pursue. I always liked the idea of fullstack so that I could work on/understand all the parts. After doing a lot of reading and thinking I landed on fullstack JS with Vue. I like the idea of using the same language across the whole stack and being a new dev, the easier learning curve and good documentation were selling points for Vue. Anyways, that's where I've been so far and where I'm headed, so if you have any questions or are in a similar spot and looking into similar topics, feel free to hit me up. I found this site by coming across a number of helpful articles and if I would love to help if I can. Happy coding and here's to a success filled 2019!

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